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ACC is a consulting firm based in Sharjah with a commercial license for unlimited Emirate - allowing us to serve as a record engineer (area of responsibility), as well as provide full engineering design services.

In the United Arab Emirates, to apply for permits for all types requires the right kind of license. We have a business license for unlimited Sharjah enables us to lead in the delivery of projects of any size and buildings of any height.


Engineers ACC strong relations with the authorities has been established in Sharjah, based on the success of the implementation of projects in a range of sectors. We have in-depth knowledge of the local market, and regulatory controls and processes the application permit. As is the case everywhere, and approvals process is sequential, which requires the coordination of requests for permits for specific organizations.


In this region, however, it is the challenge - Sharjah limited power, water resources and infrastructure already established, under pressure from rapid population growth. The engineers build our carry on effectively the functions of the area of responsibility for many years of service in order to provide an effective MEP service.


ACC engineer of the service record includes...

- Coordinate with key people in the regulatory bodies such as the Sharjah Municipality, CED- licenses, Sharjah Electricity and Water, Civil Defense authorities in Sharjah and communications

- Track the approval process, from the beginning of the project to the building permit, helping customers through every step

- Request approvals early in the schedule of the project, wherever possible

- Daily and weekly follow-up by our dedicated in-house team

- Combined work team to ensure the proper implementation of permit

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